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We can improve structure and content of your website. The internet has made online trade possible on a global scale. Targeting your online market is the key that will grow your company online. We can help you secure a foothold in your online marketplace.

Level playing fields: Step 1 of 2

In the right hands a small business can punch high above its weight on the internet in terms of global exposure and ultimately in generating leads and making sales. We start by making an in-depth review of your website and its current performance. We then give you this detailed report. This will highlight potential areas of improvement which we will use as the base of a solid web management strategy. Simple.

Testing & Measuring: Step 2 of 2

It is our aim to help you deliver relevant and useful information to your market base and increase your company exposure on the internet, which in turn generates leads. Normally it takes around 3 months for improvements to be measured, although some changes can give an immediate effect. Working to a web development plan, and working with you, we will make systematic and methodical changes to your website and social media. At the end of the month we will give you another detailed report showing the improvements made. And don’t worry, our reports are easy to understand!

Seriously, is website management really that important?

By far the most common way for someone to find your website is using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. You want to make the most from your internet leads so it is important that your website displays relevant and useful information for your customers and clients.

When a high quality website links to your site, not only will it increase the number of visitors to your website, it will also raise its profile on search engines. We can assess these links to your web site and set out a road-map for increasing the number of high quality links to it.

Due to the nature of search engines, it can take several months for the effect to work. Online advertising is a cost-effective way to set up an online presence quickly. For more information about AdWords pay-per-click online advertising please click here.

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SEO at a glance…

Search engines such as Google often change the way that they rank pages. This is so that informative and relevant websites appear near the top of a given ‘search’. There are guidelines, which when followed can dramatically improve organic search rankings, although results are not always immediate. We have found that instead of trying to ‘beat’ the system, it is far more effective to join it. We have found that this produces the very best results.

Website speed

How quickly your website loads is an important factor too. Quick loading websites benefit the user, as their experience on your website is enhanced. We use a raft of pioneering techniques to speed sites up. We can also give you accurate statistical reports on ‘before and after’ effects.

Keyword Density

We can check the keyword densities throughout your website. Keywords are the phrases that people are typing into search engines. For example, if you were the owner of a wedding cake company and your market was in Perthshire, it is likely that you would want to appear on searches for variations of ‘Perthshire wedding cake design’, or ‘Wedding cakes Perth’, and so on. We can help you with identifying relevant search terms.

Social network building & online traffic sources

An important part of web management involves building appealing, informative and functional network connections. We can help manage your social pages (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) to maximize your market saturation. We will offer key criteria to follow to boost this part of your marketing strategy. The key aim is to drive traffic towards your site.

→ For further reading see: Advertising & social media

Time on web site
Using statistical information from your website we can help you reorganize your website so that the length of time a user stays on your website increases. Search engines take the time users spend on your site very seriously. There are many specific techniques we can use to improve your general website performance.

General website improvements
There are many website improvements that we can make to improve your website. For example we can clear crawl errors or url errors (the dreaded 404 Page not found) from your website. We make many technical changes to the coding of the website which improves web site performance and speeds up the website. We also do a full review of general improvements throughout the website.

All our websites are search engine friendly.

Get a head start with your web management by choosing Perth Web Design to build your website.

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